(By Landon Schott) I was traveling across the country on a ministry trip when I saw the recent Women’s March begin to dominate the news headlines. My first reaction was, “This is great!” It appeared to be women from all over the nation coming together in unity to advance equal treatment and equal pay in the workplace. My wife Heather and I travel and minister together as full-time prophetic evangelists. I love the fact that she and I minister side by side. I always say, “She is fire,” because she never holds back and is completely obedient to the Holy Spirit when she ministers.

Truthfully, we’ve experienced firsthand how some ministries value me (men) ministering over my wife (women). Never has my wife ever once received a larger honorarium than I, and sometimes she doesn’t even receive one at all. Heather and I have had many private conversations about how hurtful and dishonoring this has been. READ MORE