The Christian owners of a bakery in Northern Ireland state that they plan to appeal to the U.K. Supreme Court a lower court ruling declaring them guilty of discrimination for declining to print the phrase “Support Gay Marriage” on a cake. “The Ashers Baking Company has confirmed that it plans to launch an appeal to the Supreme Court over the gay cake case,” the Christian Institute states, noting that paperwork will be filed next month. Attorneys for the Asher family, as well

as the attorney general for Northern Ireland, had asked the court for leave to appeal. While Attorney General John Larkin was denied referral rights, the family was allowed to file. “Earlier this week the Attorney General of Northern Ireland was refused the right to refer the devolution issues in the case to the Supreme Court,” the Christian Institute outlines. “Lord Chief Justice Declan Morgan left the way open for the firm to take the matter further when he stated: READ MORE