(By JB Chachila) The Bible tells us that in the end times, a great falling away will happen in the church. This will come about because of the many great and cunning deceptions that the enemy will employ against those who love God and are waiting for Christ’s second coming. For this article, I want to talk about just one of those deceptions: false Christians and ministers.

The Lord Jesus Himself said that many will come bearing His name, saying, “I am the Christ” (see Matthew 24:5).

These people, posing as God-believing, Christ-following, God-appointed, Christian leaders will actually succeed in deceiving people to follow them for their personal gain. Sadly, there will be many victims. Many Christians will fail to spot these false Christians. Some of them will come with boldness (as apparent to how they would proclaim themselves to be), with a fake identity (see how they pose themselves as Christians), and with a personal intent known only to them (they like to operate in secrecy). READ MORE