Joel 1 and 2, which specifically prophesy the end of days, prevail as fires ransack the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. Dollywood employee Isaac McCord found pieces of the two chapters among the charred remains in the Pigeon Forge area. “I just found this while helping our House and Grounds team clean different areas of Dollywood Theme Park. It was under a bench soaking wet. Talk about goosebumps….” McCord wrote beside the seared edges of the Old Testament prophet’s words.

The specific verses include Joel 1:15, 19-20 and Joel 2:1. They declare: “Alas, for the day! or the day of the Lord is near, and like devastation from the Almighty it comes. … To You, O Lord, I call, because fire has devoured the wild pastures, and flame has burned all the trees of the field. Even the beasts of the field long for You, because the streams of water have dried up, and fire has devoured the wild pastures. … READ MORE