Popular hip-hop artist and Reach Records founder Lecrae wrote an open letter to Huffington Post about where he currently is in this season of his life, and confessed that he has been battling depression and is a mess because of the loss of black lives. Since the killings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling by police officers, Lecrae has openly become an advocate for racial reconciliation and has used his voice and gifts to spread awareness.

The popular emcee pioneered his way into the mainstream music industry by sharing the message of Jesus Christ, and charged other believers to speak out against injustice. “I was once told you shouldn’t waste time explaining yourself to people bent on misunderstanding you. So, I won’t anymore. I can’t anymore. I’m a mess. I’ve been grieving the loss of black lives since 2014…without consultation,” Lecrae wrote in his letter. FULL REPORT