Seismic activity in Katla volcano, South Iceland, continues. No less than 200 tremors have registered there in the past 24 hours, Vísir reports. Three quakes in excess of magnitude 3 hit the volcano overnight, the largest one at 4:41 am, of magnitude 3.7. It was preceded by another one of magnitude 3.1 a minute earlier. The third one measured 3.2 at 2:43 am. All three were shallow.

Sigurdís Björg Jónasdóttir, natural hazard specialist at the Icelandic Met Office, reported that the seismic activity was constant all night long. “It’s been very lively in Katla overnight, but the tremors are all shallow, and there hasn’t been any eruption activity or glacial outburst flood activity, so those of us who are on call are relatively calm, since the situation effectively hasn’t changed since yesterday,” Sigurdís stated. READ MORE