Unbelievable! The federal government is planning to lift a ban on funding for research studying the effects of injecting animal embryos with human stem cells, creating half-human-half-animal hybrids. Again we are witnessing and amazing parallel. In the Bible, it tells us of a time in Genesis Chapter Six when Angels had sexual relations with the women of the Earth producing a Half-Human Half-Angel Hybrid that was referred to as “Giants.”

Excerpt From The Washington Times: The National Institutes of Health policy would allow federal funding to go toward research creating human-animal embryos known as “chimeras.” Carrie D. Wolinetz, NIH’s associate director for science, announced Thursday in a blog post that the agency is requesting public comment on expanding funding for such research, signaling the end of a moratorium on the experimentation. Ms. Wolinetz said development of “these types of human-animal organism … holds tremendous potential for disease modeling, drug testing, and perhaps eventual organ transplant.”