Christian Persecution continues in Egypt as reports are indicating that the southern Egyptian village of Naj al-Nassara has been shaken to the core as their Archangel Mikhail Coptic Church has reportedly went up in flames. The Christians were warned by the Muslims recently in that region that persecution would continue against them. and it appears they have kept their word.  “We heard deafening sounds of explosions and crackling as the interior of the church gave way,” said Salim Qamhi, a farmer in Naj al-Nassara. “The fire had eaten up everything — the wooden sanctuary, the icons, the pews and the books.”

Excerpt From CBN News:
The blaze is among the high number of recent attacks in the country against Christians including the kidnapping of a 16-year-old girl and the killing of a Coptic nun. Egypt’s Coptic Pope Tawadros II told an Egyptian parliamentary committee that attacks against Christians have been happening at a rate of about one a month over the past three years.