Iran’s salty Lake Urmia has just turned “Blood Red” in the month of July. This lake has shrunk rapidly during the past few decades, making it saltier. As the lake grows saltier, microscopic organisms are periodically turning the water striking shades of red and orange. Or is it something else?

Excerpt From Strange Sounds:
These satellite pictures captured by Modis show a sharp transition in the color of Lake Urmia between April and July 2016. On April 23, the water was green; by July 18, it was blood red.Scientists explain this seasonal color change with precipitation and climate patterns: “Spring is the wettest season in northwestern Iran, with rainfall usually peaking in April. The combination of rain and snowmelt sends a surge of fresh water into Lake Urmia in April and May. By July, the influx of fresh water has tapered off and lake levels begin to drop. In turn, the salinity of the water increases.” And that’s when the microorganisms show their colors, too.