An earthquake swarm is continuing to reel the Western Australian town of Norseman has a severe case of the shakes with a staggering fifty earthquakes hitting the area in the last sixty days. This The gold-mining town – located about 720km east of Perth – has had over 30 earthquakes in this month alone, with 18 alone on the 8th and 9th of July.

Excerpt From Australian Geographic:
It all began after a 5.0 magnitude earthquake shook the town in the middle of the night on 28 May, followed by an even stronger 5.1 magnitude aftershock about an hour later. John Fry, works manager at the Dundas Shire, said he heard a loud rumbling, and soon after, got a call from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, checking if the town needed assistance. “I thought it was just a train coming through,” he said. “The last thing you think of is an earthquake.”