(Written By Joseph Mattera) It is obvious that the USA is on the brink of a serious decline or even deconstruction. If things don’t change, the America we know and love today will be much different in the next ten years. In regards to this article, the first few points serve as the primary cause for the other points. The following are fourteen reasons why America is on the brink.

1-Deteriorating National Core Values – With the vast increase of immigration, both legal and illegal, since the early 1960’s, America has not had enough breathing room to help our new neighbors assimilate into the American Western culture that made us prosperous. For the past six decades, there has been virtually no let up and less care regarding who and how many people from other nations can live here. That being said, the common core values of our nation that arose out of the framework of the Protestant Reformation have greatly dissipated. If one determines to make their home in this nation they should be more loyal to America than to their nation of origin. A nation can no longer be a nation if it has no real borders, no common history and no shared core values. While it is true that the USA is a nation of immigrants (my grandparents were also immigrants), its founders established America with a particular purpose and ethos, when these are compromised, so are the principles that made the USA great. CONTINUE