(Chris Townsend) Allow me to preface this by empathizing with those who have been hurt by, disappointed in or even rejected from the church. I was an agnostic/atheist for 26 years of my life. Even after I got saved, I went nearly a year without going to a Sunday church service (granted, I was also in seminary and participating in many church activities). I wrote a book called Ekklesia Rising: The Organization Formerly Known as Church. I am a reformer by nature. I have many frustrations with the church. I get it. But… Without further ado, here are five reasons you shouldn’t abandon the church and definitely shouldn’t speak ill of her.

1) You aren’t perfect and Jesus didn’t forsake you

Remember that you are a follower of Christ, and that means that you have been forgiven. To whom much is forgiven, much forgiveness is required. Just because you make mistakes doesn’t mean that Jesus forsook you. So why should you forsake the Church because it has made mistakes? READ MORE