After 25 years of chairing the National Day of Prayer task force, Shirley Dobson is passing her intercessory prayer mantle for the organization to Anne Graham Lotz. “Let me share with you just a little about this incredible woman of faith. Anne Graham Lotz is called ‘the best preacher in the family’ by her father, Billy Graham. In fact, the New York Times named Anne as one of the five most influential evangelists of her generation.

She is a prayer warrior, a powerful speaker, a best-selling author of many much-loved books, and the founder and president of her own organization, AnGeL Ministries,” Dobson said in a statement. The National Day of Prayer was first proposed in 1952, according to their website, with the subcommittee to plan the event established in 1970s. Vonette Bright, who died late last year, was the first chairperson of the National Prayer Committee. READ MORE