Starved of food, North Korea is on the brink of collapse, and in its desperation threatens an invasion of its South Korean neighbours. Reports from the country reveal Kim Jong-un has built a replica of the South Korean presidential palace to train his troops for an invasion as tensions escalate.

And with America pledged to defend the South in case of attack, the West faces a war that will cost $1billion to fight and cause $1trillion worth of damage. Former Whitehouse adviser Victor Cha described how a North Korean invasion would play out in his book, The Impossible State.

Special forces would invade first in a series of predawn airdrops and shore landings, sabotaging power stations, communication networks and bridges in order to “paralyse the population”. Then “the largest artillery force in the world” would pound the South Korean capital Seoul with shells at a rate of 500,000 per hour — leaving its people only 45 seconds to take cover. FULL REPORT