It’s only one month until the official start of summer. The sun should be coming out and homeowners are already thinking about dusting off the grills.  But snow is still falling at a record-breaking rate in parts of the United States while others are still experiencing unseasonably brisk conditions. The National Weather Service says the town of Perham in Maine saw 7.5 inches on Monday as temperatures plummeted 15 degrees below normal in cities across the north east. The mercury dropped into the 30s following a surprising blast of arctic air.

At the same time, 4.5 inches was recorded in the northern Maine town of Caribou. The wintry dustings set a record for the most snow this late in May. Six inches of snow also fell in Caswell and New Sweden, Maine, according to CBS News.
In northern New Hampshire, Pittsburg recorded 2.5 inches. The Vermont towns of Middlesex and Hyde Park and near Pomfret got 2 inches Monday morning. The snow, however, is not expected to be around for long. READ MORE