(Jason and David Benham) Last week was crazy! The momentum of the sexual revolution is astounding, and the conflicts surrounding it are popping up all over the nation. There is hope, but first let’s review the week. On Monday, the governor of North Carolina was supposed to respond to the president’s threat to eliminate our new privacy law (HB2)—so we responded with a lawsuit against the feds. Nice! But the administration swung back with a lawsuit of its own, threatening to withhold our own tax dollars.

On Tuesday, the superintendent of the Fort Worth Independent School District signed new guidelines for boys to use girls’ bathrooms and play in girls’ sports throughout the entire district. But he didn’t stop there. He expanded the guidelines to say, “Prior to notifying any parent … regarding the student’s gender identity or any potential transition process, school personnel must work closely with the student to assess the degree to which, if any, the parent … has been or will be involved in the process.” READ MORE