Nobel Peace Prize Winner Desmond Tutu’s daughter Mpho surrendered her clergy license so she could marry a female atheist professor, according to several reports. “Because the South African Anglican Church does not recognize our marriage, I can no longer exercise my priestly ministry in South Africa,” Mpho, now Tutu Van Furth, said. “The bishop of the Diocese of Saldanha Bay [Bishop Raphael Hess] was instructed to revoke my (license).

I decided that I would give it to him rather than have him take it, a slightly more dignified option with the same effect.” Tutu Van Furth violated the Anglican Church’s position that marriage is between a man and a woman when she wed academic atheist Marceline Van Furth. “My wife and I meet across almost every dimension of difference. Some of our differences are obvious; she is tall and white, I am black and vertically challenged. READ MORE