(Judson Cornwall) Years ago, I preached an extended series of sermons on heaven. A few months after the series ended, my youngest daughter, Tina, had a very serious automobile accident and lay unconscious for several days. When she finally regained her senses in the intensive care unit of the hospital, she whispered to me, “Oh, Daddy, it’s just like you described it, only far more beautiful. I felt like I had been there before, because of your preaching, but it was so wonderful I didn’t want to leave it. If Jesus Himself hadn’t come to me and told me that my time on Earth was not up, I would have stayed forever.”

Since then, I have talked with several people who have had extensive visions of this paradise of God, and the more they told me about it, the more homesick I became for heaven. They have told me that while much of it looks like the most beautiful portions of this Earth, even more looks like nothing we have ever seen in this world. They were impressed with the complete perfection they saw everywhere and the absolute absence of withered leaves or dying vegetation. There was no sign of aging, no incident of infirmity, no unpleasantness and no unwholesome desires. READ MORE