Answers in Genesis has said that a discovery relating to handwriting analysis of a text on pottery shards by soldiers in Judah close to 2,500 years ago proves that God’s Word is true. “Scholars have long disputed the level of literacy among ancient Israelites. Many believe only the educated — scribes, priests, royalty, and the bureaucracy — were literate and that the general populace was unable to read and write. But Scripture implies that literacy would be a necessity, even among the general populace,” AiG’s Avery Foley wrote Tuesday in an article for the Young Earth Creationist organization’s website.

The discovery in question refers to findings posted in April by Israel’s Tel Aviv University, in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which indeed suggested that it was not only the elites who could read. “We’re dealing with really low-level soldiers in a remote place who can write,” said Israel Finkelstein, an archaeologist and biblical scholar at Tel Aviv University. “So there must have been some sort of educational system in Judah at that time.” READ MORE