(Alvin Conway) America is in the advanced stages of a moral and cultural rot. The country is $19 trillion dollars in debt and is ruthlessly spending and printing its own way to financial oblivion. It is suffering from hegemony and military overreach with its 662 military bases, scattered across some 38 different countries. If the U.S. is not inciting revolution and anarchy across the globe in the name of democracy, it is deployed directly in conflicts or has military advisers on the ground to puppeteer the conflict towards its own favorable ends. 43% of all U.S. citizens are obese. Its borders are unsecured – with a 40% increase seen in illegal immigration since 2014 along.

While the debates continue on exactly what to do about the immigration problem or should fences be built along the US-Mexican border, ISIS continues to exploit the situation to potentially transport foreign Islamic terrorists unto American soil. According to Covenant Eyes, an internet search group, 1 out of 5 mobile searches on the internet involves pornography. Illegal drugs continue to be both manufactured and transported into the U.S. with no apparent way of halting or stopping the flow. FULL REPORT