Kenya’s government announced it will start building a wall that will stretch almost 435 miles along its northeastern border with Somalia as a means of slowing the crossing of terrorists affiliated with the group al-Shabaab. “This will help us check on people like al-Shabaab from crossing to and from Somalia,” said Kenya’s Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery, Defense News reported.

“We will not limit movement of other people. There is a need for joint cooperation between both countries and our leaders in dealing with terrorism, which has affected us negatively.” Al-Shabaab is tied to al-Qaida, a terror organization that is at odds with ISIS. And the groups – al-Qaida and its offshoots as well as ISIS and its offshoots – have been engaged in a long-running turf war in Somalia. Kenya’s National Police warned citizens just a few weeks ago to beware the turf wars – they pose a danger to the rest of the country. FULL REPORT