One of the basic beliefs of the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement is that God heals today. If you’ve been a believer very long, you know this is true because you’ve experienced it or seen it, and you know the Bible teaches it. Most Spirit-led believers accept this by faith. Yet, here is exciting news: There are actual medical studies that back what we believe. These studies are not widely known. But, they have been put together in a remarkable new book by a French doctor named Max Fleury called The Faith Link.

Dr. Fleury is a medical doctor with a private practice. He has been a Charismatic believer for about 30 years and previously served in a pastoral role. Dr. Fleury, who speaks English fluently, also has been a medical journalist, appearing frequently on television. Dr. Fleury lays out the case that there is scientific evidence that things happen in the brain when people pray, or are prayed for. Much of this is discovered with the new technology that is able to monitor changes in the brain or in other parts of the body. FULL REPORT