Cancer could not stand up to the name of Jesus, and Natasha Higgins has her PET scans to prove it. The woman had recently decided to forego all treatments for her Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer after only two rounds of a new drug. “And the choices I had to make after that were so hard. I decided that I was done with all treatments and that I just wanted to live the rest of my life feeling good.

God gave me peace about my decision he told me to just be still in my presence and trust me. So I did and it was hard,” she posted to Instagram. “I have known since the first day I was diagnosed that I wouldn’t die from this cancer and 9 years later and after being in remission many times I was still fighting for my life. I was scared Gods promises weren’t real.” That’s when she met Nicole Jasien, who was in town for Azusa Now. FULL REPORT