(Joseph Mattera) After being in the pastorate for more then three decades, I am convinced that, in every church, there are prototype leaders who best express the heart, intentions and characteristics of the overseeing visionary of a church and or organization. This prototype is able to think like the visionary leader and be trusted when it comes to representing them in most situations. These are also the most loyal, faithful and trustworthy of all leaders. In some churches, there is more than one prototype. However, in most cases, there is one person above all who embodies and carries the DNA of the main leader. (It is also possible that a married couple may embody a prototype or that one spouse does and not the other)

There also may be many leaders in the church who are “types” who represent the visionary leader as well, but none do so as good as those in the category as the prototype. In an effort not to get bogged down in minutia, I am going to focus on knowing the difference between prototypes and counterfeits in this article (and not deal with “types”). This is essential to understand because it is your prototype whom you should trust the most and invest the most time in as a possible successor or replacement for you. If not as a replacement, they will serve as the most qualified “second person” in your organization or church. READ MORE