Pioneering the work of a Christian hospital in a Muslim community in the desert is not an easy task. But it’s exactly what a handful of Christian medical professionals have done in Chad. Temperatures in the Central African country frequently soar above 40 degrees. Typhoid, malaria and dengue are rife, and most of the population can’t expect to live past 50. It’s a place desperately in need of good medical provision.

UK surgeons Andrea and Mark Hotchkin have been serving at Guinebor II Hospital near Chad’s capital N’djamena since it opened in 2011, sent by BMS World Mission and supported by UK Christians. They’ve acted as doctors, surgeons, community health project leaders and friends to the mostly Muslim population, and they’ve seen amazing results. One key area of their work has been developing maternal health services – essential in a country where nearly nine in every 100 babies born die before their first birthday. READ MORE