(Dr. Mark Tronson) That the great divines (Bible Scholars) of the past have noted that one in twenty five verses in the New Testament have some engagement with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and associated themes, it should come as no surprise to anyone that this subject (Eschatology) would create some controversy. This has interested me over my 39 years in ministry, and when all the various theories of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ have been assessed, there are three essential ingredients to the discussion that should be considered foremost.

First, the Scriptures are replete with a clear understanding that Jesus Christ will return. There will be a Second Coming of Jesus Christ. He rose from the dead and He is coming again. Moreover, it should come as no surprise, that this is recognised only by the followers of Christ. In other words, the vast majority of the world’s population is simply unaware that the Scriptures speak of this. Second, not all followers of Christ are as conversant with the Scriptures as others. There has been a limited number of Bible lovers over the centuries who have carefully studied the ‘like’ passages of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and have tried to bring some resolution to the subject. READ MORE