(Lisa Great) Sports teams, political rivals, and military strategists all have one thing in common, they are aware of what their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses are. This is why teams study the game tapes, why politicians listen to the comments of their rivals and why military units spy out the land they are seeking to take. If you don’t know what your enemy is doing, you will not be as victorious as could be if you did know what he was doing.

Many people go into war without all the information, which is a critical part of the preparation and that is why they lose more battles than they win. Now this is true on a nation, international and individual level, but today we are going to speak to individuals, for I see a tactic of the enemy in Scripture that has plagued Israel and the church since the beginning of our existence as people. The trifold plan of the enemy against believers is unforgiveness, forgetfulness and fear/unbelief. These are the three strategies the enemy uses against people in their relationship with God and others. READ MORE