Belgian authorities confirmed “concrete” evidence on Thursday of Islamic radicals’ long-term goal of using nuclear terrorism on western nations. Thierry Werts, a spokesman for Belgium’s federal prosecutor, authenticated Belgian daily newspaper La Dernière Heure’s report that a suspect linked with the Nov. 13, 2015, terror attacks in Paris, France, was found with surveillance footage of a top nuclear scientist. The ISIS plot killed 130 across the city, with 89 perishing in the Bataclan theater alone.

Mohamed Bakkali, 26, was arrested in the Belgian town of Auvelais Nov. 30 and is suspected of allowing terrorists to use his home as a hide-out. Video in his possession included ten hours of film taken with a camera hidden in a bush near the Belgian scientist’s home. The scientist’s name was not disclosed by officials for security reasons. Closed-circuit television cameras in the area showed two men retrieving the camera late at night before driving away with their lights off, the U.K. Independent reported Thursday. READ MORE