(Ryan Lestrange and Jason Armstrong) Just as last year we saw the wind come and separate, we believe this year will be a year for things to be connected and made secure. The year 2016 is the Hebrew year of 5776. The two Hebrew letters associated with this number (76) are ayin and vav. The letter ayin gives us a picture of an eye, and vav gives us a picture of a peg, nail or hook. The year 2015 was a year of the whirlwind; things were turned upside down, shaken, moved and shifted! Many things were exposed and sifted. There was a lot of divine sifting before the shifting! However, this is a year to secure some things, nail some things down. It is a time for the hook to connect things. There is an unfolding of kingdom partnerships for kingdom purposes.

A Time for Alignment, Expansion and a Year to Secure and Tie Things Down

Alignment is a key word this year! Alignment with others for kingdom exploits is critical. The who is every bit as important as the where and when.

It is also a time of expansion. As we think about the peg, we think about the tent; expand the peg and expand the tent. The Father is challenging us to dream radical, God-sized dreams and to pray bold prayers! There is a fresh wind blowing upon the revelation of faith. Faith sees and seizes. It is time to pray “Jabez” prayers again and to ask God to enlarge our territory. This is a time for the children of God to be brave. There will be personal stretching, expansion and promotion along with corporate stretching, moving into new territories and advancing. READ MORE