NEW NORMAL? Teens filmed and mocked drowning man!

Police and prosecutors say little can be done legally after the revelation that a group of teens filmed the dying moments of a 32-year-old disabled man last week, with the teens mocking, cursing and laughing while the man drowned in a fenced-off pond. The Brevard County State Attorney’s Office released the video to FLORIDA TODAY and called the incident a “tragedy” and said the teens’ lack of action had “no moral justification” but added that the teens do not appear to have

violated any laws. The minute-long video, which police called “extremely disturbing,” found its way to social media over the weekend before ending up in the hands of detectives. The clip depicts the unidentified teens — ages 14 to 16 — off-camera, laughing as the man screamed off in the distance for help before going under in the murky water just after noon July 9 off Plaza Parkway. There were no calls to 911 from the teens. READ MORE

4 Comments on "NEW NORMAL? Teens filmed and mocked drowning man!"

  1. Some of our Nation’s Youth showing how disrespectful,selfish and lazy they are !! I wonder if this drowning person was a loved one of theirs, would they still be laughing ?? How horrible to see teens so disturbed !!

  2. The love of many shall wax cold,in the last days.

  3. No moral justification? They didn’t appear to have broken any laws? What about God’s law? This is incredible. These teens will stand before God and try to explain why they stood by and let a man die without lifting s finger to help and were so depraved to even mock him as he died. This world is getting more and more evil. How do we even fight this kind of wickedness? It truly looks as if the majority of the people in our world have been given over to a reprobate mind.

  4. Too many kids today view life as a ps4 game anymore, regardless of what morals they may have grown up with. There’s absolutely no reason why anyone would think this is ok, as they didn’t break any laws. Seriously people, an speaking to those kids parents as well. What a sick an uncaring world we are witnessing today, as if everything is to be mocked. Most everyone I know today are wondering if they shouldn’t home school their kids? Although the powers to be want to make it illegal. IMHO these young kids today are some of the most evil unloving, not my problem, disrespectful youths I’ve ever known.
    Even at my age n health, I would have drowned trying to save another human being. An to even think someone’s kids stood bye n mocked n laughed during this dispictiable act is sickening to say the least. Their parents should all be exposed to the general public, an made to attend this poor sweet soul be buried. Along with their ignorant selfish evil pos they raised during the Obama administration no doubt.

    I would be willing to bet if it was known facts, that these kids act excaltly as their parents do. We haven’t seen the worst yet, wait until the diseases from all these immigrates begin to be noticed. So far, tptb have kept a tight lid on this situation. But ask any MD or nursing staff an they’ll scare the crap out of you what we are all going to be experiencing soon on a large basics. Each of these kids should be punished an exposed to the general public where they live.

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