Russian Newspaper Reporting Kim Jong-un orders evacuation of 600,000 from Pyongyang

North Koreaт leader Kim Jong-un ordered 25 percent of Pyongyang residents to leave the city immediately. In accordance with the order, 600,000 people should be urgently evacuated. Experts note that the evacuation will most likely be conducted due to extremely strained tensions in relations with the United States of America. Reportedly, Pyongyang’s bomb shelters will not be able to accommodate the entire population of the North Korean capital. Therefore, 600,000 people – mostly individuals with criminal records –

will have to leave Pyongyang to let others use bomb shelters. It was also said that one modified Ohio type rocket carrier carrying 154 Tomahawk type missiles on board joined the US Navy deployed near the coast of the Korean Peninsula. The missile carrier is expected to arrive at the port of registration on April 18. Meanwhile, according to South Korean media, residents of the DPRK say goodbye to each other, to their homes, to their places of work, to forests and fields, to the sky, rivers, etc as if the nation prepares for a large-scale war. READ MORE

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  1. He’s afraid of getting bombed, so he sends 600,000 people with criminal records out of town…

    It seems to me that Pyongyang is the last place to be if the US starts dropping cruise missiles and bombs there to get the attention of that obnoxious little bucket of lard with a bad haircut.

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