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Author: Ricky Scaparo

PROPHECY WATCH: Jared Kushner’s Dreams of Mideast Peace Are Alive

It was easy to miss it, what with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson being fired and President Donald Trump fueling rumors of more personnel shake-ups. But last week Jared Kushner, presidential adviser and son-in-law, presided over a highly unusual White House conference on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.  Who participated was noteworthy: Israel was there, alongside Arab states with which it does not have diplomatic relations, such as Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Who didn’t participate was noteworthy too: the Palestinians, who have been boycotting Trump since his announcement that the U.S. will have an embassy in Jerusalem. The...

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Two Sons – Two Perspectives

(By Ricky Scaparo) In today’s broadcast, we discuss two sons mentioned in the book of Luke chapter 15 and how they had two different perspectives and how these can apply to us...

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Alleged apparition appears in Google Maps Image

ATTENTION: The following views and expressions made in this article does not reflect those of ETH Google Maps may have captured proof of the afterlife after an image was captured showing what some believe to be the “ghost of a young boy” crouching next to a house. The supposed apparition was captured at a house which was up for sale in the city of Asheville in North Carolina, in the US.   The picture shows a large house with trees in the background. However, on closer inspection, the faint figure of what appears to be a young boy can be...

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Homeschooling Soaring in Popularity

Homeschooling families used to be the guaranteed outcast, often enduring a never-ending stream of probing questions and funny looks. But the tide seems to be turning. Homeschooling is now “soaring” in popularity, as more options become available, more families seem to be taking the plunge.  ABC took a closer – and quite honestly refreshing – look at homeschooling. Good Morning America host and former NFL star Michael Strahan revealed he had homeschooled his children for a period of time, while ESPN’s Jessica Mendoza, a homeschooling mom, joined the segment to provide an in-depth look. Normally, homeschooling is chastised and derided in...

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9 Warning Indicators You Have a Sexual Addiction

(By Dr. Doug Weiss) How can you know if something, anything is an addiction, whether it’s alcohol, drugs, work, porn or sexual addiction? Here are several characteristics of an addiction and you can apply each to sexual addiction. Some of these ideas I’m sharing will be coming from my book. Final Freedom Characteristics of Addiction  Effort:  This man has made attempts to stop his fantasy, pornography, self-behaviors or acting out with others. He may have been motivated internally to stop or externally by being caught. Regardless, these efforts end up in failure repeatedly.  Read My Lips:  Remember when President George H.W....

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