Controversial podcaster Candace Owens sparked fresh accusations of antisemitism after calling the gruesome medical experiments performed during the Holocaust by notorious Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele “bizarre propaganda.”

Owens — who parted ways with the Daily Wire earlier this year after reportedly feuding with co-founder Ben Shapiro over Israel and antisemitism — launched into her head-scratching Holocaust diatribe during her podcast Tuesday.

“The Nazis experimented on innocent people,” Owens began. “Some of the stories, by the way, sound completely absurd.”


“They just cut a human up and sewed them back together?” she wondered. “Why would you do that?”

Owens went on to say that “literally, even if you’re the most evil person in the world, that’s tremendous waste of time and supplies.”

“That just sounds like bizarre propaganda,” she concluded.

Owens apparently disregarded the well-documented atrocities conducted by Mengele, the SS physician who earned the moniker the “Angel of Death” for his gruesome experiments on inmates at Nazi concentration camps, including Auschwitz.

Historians and researchers of the Holocaust have reported that Mengele conducted experiments on twins by amputating their limbs, as well as blood transfusions, forced insemination and injecting them with diseases.

Social media users blasted Owens.

Owens “continues to prove that she is one of the dumbest and most vile human beings on the planet,” one X user wrote.

“I would have never of guessed she had the ability to sink this low,” another commenter posted.

Owens posted a response on X in which she lashed out at her critics.

She posted a longer clip from her podcast in which she also discussed a BBC documentary about the killing and displacement of millions of ethnic Germans in Eastern and Central Europe in the immediate aftermath of World War II.

“Zionists are in overdrive to get this episode banned” particularly after the mention of Salomon Morel, a Polish commander of Communist-run concentration camps who was later accused by Polish authorities of war crimes.

Morel, who died in 2007, was living in Israel when Poland sought his extradition in the late 1990s. But the Israeli government refused.

Owens wrote on X that the podcast episode was “so detrimental to Zionism” because “they have polluted American minds to believe that we must defend Israel out of morality and the evils of the Holocaust.”

“Learning about how many people who committed holocausts and mass murders were protected by Israel is disruptive to that narrative,” she said.

Owens had made statements in the aftermath of the Oct. 7 Hamas attack in which she denounced “genocide,” though she said she was not referring specifically to Israel.

Shapiro called her behavior “absolutely disgraceful.”

In May, it was reported that the Daily Wire obtained a gag order against Owens — even while she and Shapiro were publicly discussing a venue for an online debate about the topic.


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