A Minnesota school district overwhelmingly rejected an offer to erect a stone monument engraved with the Ten Commandments on school property.

The unanimous decision was made after the Freedom From Religion Foundation fired off a threatening letter to the Park Rapids School District. The FFRF has a long history of waging war on Christianity within public school classrooms.

They are easily triggered by the name of Jesus Christ and the presence of Holy Bibles.


Former board member Dennis Dodge had offered to donate the stone monument to the district. However, the FFRF accused the biblical display of being “religious hectoring.”

“We must put God back into our educational system before we lose our children and this great nation,” the monument read. On the other side were the Ten Commandments.

As described by Park Rapids Enterprise, Dodge, who served for several decades on the board, stated at a meeting on May 20 that “it is time we bring God / good back into our educational system.”

“This is why we feel this donation is so very important to our young people, and in fact, to all of us, to bring awareness of God and his goodness back into all of our lives, bring back good morals, values, love and respect,” he added.

Dodge noted that he believes society is facing a war between good and evil, and that if the Commandments were not allowed directly on school property, they could at least be placed outside school grounds on public property, the Enterprise described.

Responding to the board’s vote against his display, Dodge said, “In my opinion, evil and his minions are smiling because evil won another battle. … But I will continue to fight for his victory over evil,” per the Enterprise.

The board reportedly reasoned that accepting the Commandments monument would be “opening a can of worms” for litigation over freedom of religion and other First Amendment matters.

National radio host Todd Starnes, the author of the newly-released “Twilight’s Last Gleaming: Can America Be Saved,” shamed the school board for caving in to the atheists.

“Sadly, many schools have replaced God with drag queens,” Starnes said. “But in this case I suspect the school board rejected the monument because some members may be in violation of multiple commandments.”


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