(OPINION) Apple unveiled a new feature with its upcoming iOS 18 that has sparked controversy among users – with some saying it is ‘a cheater’s paradise.’

The new update will let uses hide or lock apps on their iPhone home screen, keeping their personal hobbies and information from prying eyes.

While Apple touted it as keeping banking apps private and stopping kids from buying items on Amazon, many people see the feature as helping partners cheat easily.


Social media erupted with posts about the new app, some calling it ‘sick’ while others praised the new feature for letting them hide dating apps from their spouse.

‘Users can now lock an app; and for additional privacy, they can hide an app, moving it to a locked, hidden apps folder,’ Apple shared in an announcement following its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday.

‘When an app is locked or hidden, content like messages or emails inside the app is hidden from search, notifications, and other places across the system.’

Hide an app lets users obscure the icon and name of the app on the Home Screen, which will also pause notifications.

That includes all apps downloaded from the App Store, such as those for dating and social media.

But the feature creates a ‘Hidden App’ folder in the App Library, showing the user is trying to keep some things a secret.

Users can also lock built-in apps like Mail, Messages, Notes, Phone, Photos and Safari that can only be opened with Face ID.

‘Locked and hidden apps offer users peace of mind that information they want to keep private, such as app notifications and content, will not inadvertently be seen by others,’ Apple shared in the announcement.

‘Users can now lock an app; and for additional privacy, they can hide an app, moving it to a locked, hidden apps folder.’

Users instantly flocked to Elon Musk’s X after the feature was announced, with some saying they had waited for years for the function – Apple previously said Lock an app was a long-requested item.

But many people deemed it a way for cheaters to stay under the radar.

‘Thanks Apple. I will be trying to hide online dating app from my wife,’ one X user shared.

‘With lock app and hide app, I can finally do it.’

Others made jokes that the feature ‘is going to break up relationships.’

The feature comes as 40 percent of Americans reported using dating apps while they were in a serious relationship.


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