This year has already amazed skygazers with a rare solar eclipse and a geomagnetic storm that caused stunning Northern Lights displays worldwide. However, there are still more incredible cosmic displays to come.

Six planets are expected to align next month, creating what the Weather Channel calls a “planetary parade.”

The stunning alignment will occur just before sunrise on June 3, 2024. During the solar spectacle, the orbits of Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Mars, Neptune, and Saturn will bring the six planets to the same side of the sun.


CBS News previously reported that the planets won’t form an actual straight line in space because of their elliptical shapes, but from some angles on Earth, they will appear to be aligned.

The moon will also be visible, according to Science Alert.

The Weather Channel said those hoping to observe the full spectacle will need binoculars or a telescope. Viewers should keep their eyes fixed on the eastern horizon just before sunrise.

The Weather Channel said the East Coast will have the best view of the phenomenon as long as the skies remain clear. If you miss this alignment, Science Alert said that there are more alignments of the same six planets set for the coming months.


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