Why save yourself for marriage when you could save yourself for reality TV?

Hulu is launching a new dating series titled “Virgin Island,” where “stunningly attractive and confident singles” who claim to have never had sex seek to change that.

The show hails from ITV America, the producers behind “Love Island USA” and “Queer Eye,” and Plimsoll Productions (“Shark! Celebrity Infested Waters,” “A Real Bug’s Life”).


According to Hulu, “Virgin Island” will host a bunch of hot virgins at an island resort, where they will look for “the one.” Throughout the 10-episode series, the contestants will go on dates and participate in romantic activities as they prepare to renounce their V-cards.

Per the logline, “As the cast finds heartfelt connections and explores their varying reasons for waiting, there will be plenty of unexpected twists, including new arrivals and departures, all culminating in a dramatic finale where burgeoning relationships are put to the test.”

Applications for “Virgin Island” are open now for U.S. residents aged 21 and over. While it’s unclear how Hulu could confirm the chastity of its contestants beyond the honor system, the online application asks wannabe contestants “Are you a virgin?,”

“Are you a religious person?” and “Explain why you remain a virgin,” among many other questions. Based on the application, it appears that the series will shoot for four weeks outside of the U.S. sometime before August 2024.


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