Israel is preparing to strike Iranian nuclear plants if faced with a revenge attack for the death of a top Tehran commander last week.

Netanyahu’s war cabinet has been locked in crunch meetings over fears that Iran will launch an assault as Middle East tensions threaten to boil over into all-out war.

Now, a Western security official has revealed that Israel will respond to any attacks by striking Iran’s nuclear targets directly. Israeli forces have been conducting air force drills in preparation for the dangerous escalation, Elaph News reports.


Iran has several nuclear sites – including power plants, uranium mines, and research reactors. A targeted attack against one of them could mark an unprecedented escalation in the melting pot of Middle East conflict.

Tehran’s embassy in the Syrian capital, Damascus, was destroyed in a suspected Israeli strike last Monday – killing several top brass commanders.

General Mohammad Reza Zahedi died alongside six senior members of Iran’s twisted terrorist army, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

Iran’s formidable Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei quickly hit out with revenge threats and vowed to “defeat the Zionist regime”.

Snarling Tehran President Ebrahim Rasi said Israel’s alleged blast “will not go unanswered”.

Experts told The Sun that retaliation by Iran, backers of terror groups including Hamas, Hezbollah and Houthi rebels, would spark a global war.

Former British tank commander and military analyst Hamish de-Bretton Gordon described the countries as “sworn enemies”.

In the six months since war broke out between Hamas and Israel, Iranian terror proxies have wreaked havoc in their attempts to attack Israel.