(OPINION) Rihanna is the latest celebrity to mock Christianity with her nun-themed outfit. As Fox News reported, the singer’s provocative outfit was for a cover of “Interview Magazine.”

It was a play against the devout Catholic women who have sworn to a life of celibacy and following God. Wearing a plunging neckline and heavy makeup with a black-and-white habit is far from the normal attire that nuns adhere to.

Yet, this is the look Rihanna chose for her next feature image. Rihanna has received backlash on social media for the look. Some have called the look “disgusting” and “poor in taste.”


She is not the first major celebrity to come out in this type of attire that blatantly mocks Christianity. Sam Smith dressed up as the devil for the Grammys in 2023, and Lil Nas X has had to apologize for his recent ‘J Christ’ video, which was a part of what he called his “Christian era.”

“When I did the artwork, I knew there would be some, like, upset people and whatnot, simply because, you know, religion’s a very sensitive topic for many people. But I also didn’t mean to like, mock,” Nas said.

Who can also forget the day when Ice Spice brought Satan with her to the Super Bowl as she wore an upside down cross, making Satanic hand gestures throughout the game? This happened in the company of her friend, Taylor Swift, who has also had a history of uplifting Satanism.

This just goes to show that celebrities should not be the ones we look up to for our spiritual guidance. There’s a reason that Hollywood is being exposed for engaging in dark practices for the sake of greater fame.