Iran is poised to launch a terrifying October 7-style revenge attack in Israel and could then turn its eyes to “targets” in the UK, experts say. The chilling warning comes after Israel allegedly blasted a consulate in Syria, killing seven – including a top Tehran general.

Experts have warned that a future retaliation by Iran, which is well-known to have backed terrorist groups including Hezbollah and Houthis rebels, would spark a global war.

They claimed Russia, China, and North Korea could stand by their pals in Iran in any future conflict involving the country.


Executive director of the think tank Henry Jackson Society Dr Alan Mendoza said Iran’s enemies must stay “vigilant” as they wait to see how the country responds.

Dr Mendoza is all but certain Iran will seek its revenge on Israel for the deadly strike in Syria’s capital Damascus. Iranian leader Ebrahim Rasi said the deadly strike on Iran’s consulate building in Syria “will not go unanswered”.

He immediately pointed the finger of blame at Israel, labeling the hit a “cowardly crime” Dr. Mendoza insisted the world must “take the Iranian warning seriously”.

He told The Sun: “They’ve laid down their marker so we can only assume they’re going to do it but it could be much longer plan to say ‘we are thinking about this and we are strategizing our next step’.

“It could be a series of global targets. It could be an attempt to strike Israel again in an October 7-style war – this time with Lebanon.

“There are many options the Iranians could employ and the obvious options would be to use Hezbollah to create more pressure on Israel and to take out some targets.

“Or they could look to other proxies in the Houthis in Yemen who have been firing missiles towards Israel and also groups in Iraq who have been trying to fire missiles.”

Dr Mendoza said Iran might also commit “external global terrorism against Israeli or even Jewish targets”.