Conservatives can’t set foot on a college campus without nearly causing a riot, but people on the left can go and speak wherever they want. Catholic SLU set to host transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney

One of the most famous — and controversial — transgenders in the nation today, Dylan Mulvaney, is slated to speak Monday at St. Louis University, a Catholic-Jesuit institution.

The event will be hosted by the private institution’s Student Activities Board and its Great Issues Committee, which, according to its Instagram bio, works to “spark dialogue, engage in critical thinking, and have fun.”


Mulvaney is slated to “talk about her experiences as a trans actress, activist, and content creator,” according to the university’s website.

Mulvaney made headlines nationwide after becoming the spokesperson for Bud Light. This prompted a massive backlash, which caused Anheuser-Busch to lose customers through a boycott and see its stock price tank.

Fox News reported in March that the company’s revenue in the U.S. market declined “primarily due to the volume decline of Bud Light.”

The St. Louis Post Dispatch reported Mulvaney’s pending visit also prompted concern among some students: However, conservative activists quickly criticized the decision. Some took to social media, calling it “embarrassing“ and “woke crap.”

Alexandra Leung, president of SLU’s College Republicans, said Mulvaney’s message contradicts SLU’s Catholic teachings — but also said her student organization did not have plans to protest the event.