Michigan officials say the highly pathogenic avian influenza was detected in a commercial poultry facility in Ionia County.

According to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, this is the fourth time the virus was detected in a commercial facility and the first detection in the county. This comes a week after the virus was detected in a herd in Michigan that recently received cows from Texas.

Officials say the facility is under quarantine, and the birds will be depopulated to prevent a spread to other flocks.


“As the weather remains cool and wild birds continue their migration, conditions are ideal for the virus to thrive and spread. While these conditions persist, the need to take preventative measures will be high,” Dr. Nora Wineland, state Veterinarian Dr. Nora Wineland, said in a statement.

“Keeping HPAI out of Michigan’s domestic animals remains a team effort, and it must be a top priority for all.” Health officials say HPAI is spread from flock to flock, such as wild birds


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