Unfazed by Thursday’s mass arrests, protests are continuing at Columbia University on Friday, and a large police presence — with officers in riot gear — is being reported.

Demonstrators—said to include activist actress Susan Sarandon—are currently marching through the streets and have reached the university, chanting with signs and flags.

Protesters could be heard chanting: “NYPD KKK. NYPD we know you. You’re Israeli trained too!”


“I am not a student, I am not Palestinian, but I am here to support the students who understand that it is very important to have their voices heard,” Sarandon said.

“Especially in a place of education and supposedly higher thoughts, to be attacked with racism and intolerance is not acceptable. Many many people stand with you.”

“You must know that you inspire so many people who are afraid.”

The march was heading southbound and had earlier paused in front of the 28th Police Precinct before turning west on 123rd Street. Protesters blocked traffic, and the NYPD instructed them to move onto the sidewalk.

They then stopped at 116th Street and Broadway at the university.

Earlier in the day, protesters returned to the campus’ lawn area to continue their anti-Israel protest and say they will “hold this line” until their demands are met.

Video shows dozens of people, many donning black-and-white keffiyeh headscarves and COVID-19 masks, planted on sheets and sleeping bags on a lawn adjacent to yesterday’s fiery protests.