An American woman who identifies as a dog has given an insight into what her daily life looks like.

The social media star, who is known as Meow, appeared on KIIS FM’s The Kyle & Jackie O Show on Thursday to discuss what it means to live life as a canine.

She told hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson how she sleeps in a crate, is rewarded with dog treats and has ‘handlers’ who help to look after her.


Meow, who livestreams on gaming platform Twitch, explained how she identifies as a Dalmatian and will bark and run on all fours as she embraces life as a dog.

She shared that she sleeps in a crate rather than a bed and says resting in a confined space helps her to feel ‘safe’ at night.

She said: ‘I have pastel blankets and pastel pillows in there, something about being in a confined space, I don’t know if it makes me feel safe from the world or makes me feel like the world is safe from me but it feels comfort for sure!’

‘It can fit me, the rule of thumb with a dog is that if they can stand up in it, then it’s big enough for them, so as long as I’m on all fours standing up,’ she added.

When she was asked whether she identifies as a dog or just feels like she has a dog spirit, Meow clarified that she is a ‘dog girl’ and told how she has always loved ‘play’.

She said: ‘I think that the wonder that comes with play and just being enchanted with life around you is a beautiful thing. I’m not sure if I ever put two and two together that I had to stop that whenever I became an adult.

‘I figured that once I make my own money and pay my own rent, then I can extra do anything I want, and I wanted to be a dog!’

Radio host and shock jock Kyle then asked her if she has a boyfriend, and she confirmed that she doesn’t, but has ‘handlers’ who take her on walks and feed her.

She clarified that she has a non-sexual relationship with her handlers, who are her friends and either have similar interests or are supportive of her lifestyle.

‘I have handlers. Kind of like dog trainers. They feed me, they take me on walks, we practice training, which is one of my favourite things, because I get treats,’ she said.

When asked what treats she might be given, Meow said she will be rewarded with shredded chicken, jerky and sometimes even dog biscuits.

She said that she will sometimes eat dog food, but will add other foods to it, explaining: ‘It’s a little bland, I like to put bone broth or some other additives in there.’

Meow was then asked if she pays her two or three regular ‘handlers’, to which she replied: ‘I don’t, it’s funny I don’t have to pay anyone to spend time with me.’

The cosplayer said that she feels ‘more human’ by being in touch with the ‘primal, animalistic’ side of her personality, and said she doesn’t worry about what anyone thinks of her.

She said: ‘I don’t find myself focusing on other people and their reactions toward me because I’m so in the moment of just chasing the ball, being the dog, I want to sit and perform for whoever is my focus.’

Kyle asked her whether she adopts her dog lifestyle in the bedroom, to which she clarified: ‘The dog side of me is an everyday lifestyle, so I find myself not needing that in the bedroom at all.’

Meow frequently gives fans an insight into her life on her Instagram account, where she goes by the username meowdalyn and boasts 11,300 followers.