Troops in Ukraine have captured a UFO on camera, with footage showing a large black disk hovering over the war-torn country. In the recording, translated from Ukrainian, soldiers can be heard debating what the object could be.

‘What the f*** is this? Why isn’t it moving?’ said one. Troops from the 406th Battalion in the Ukraine Armed Forces (UAF) captured the footage through one of their ‘heat vision’ quadcopter drones as the war in Ukraine rumbles on.

Details of the UFO remain a mystery, but the drone’s own altitude indicates that the object could be a large craft hovering around 30 miles away.


Thermal imaging from the drone suggests the UFO was warmer than its surroundings, although a red ‘error message’ on the drone’s control interface leaves some information missing, experts told the MailOnline, which first shared the video.

The DJI brand Mavic 3T thermal-imaging drone was gifted to the battalion through fundraising efforts by the DeepInspire Foundation and others.

The soldiers are left debating what the object actually is, as they say it is ‘a UFO, for sure’ – seemingly correct, given a UFO is an unidentified flying object. ‘It is staying in place, on the screen. Zoom in more’ said the troops.

‘It’s standing still, do you see?’ The final moments see the troops possibly joking that they should ‘maybe ram it’ with their one kilogram quadcopter.

MailOnline reached out to the 406th via DeepInspire’s Pavlo Terletsky, who said: ‘They are currently sleeping [it] off, after a 48-hour mission. Will be able to get back to you tomorrow with more details.’

However, users on Reddit were quick to jump in with their own ideas, suggesting it could just be an optical illusion known as a fata morgana, or superior mirage, which bends light and creates the appearance that objects are floating.