(OPINION) An alleged top psychic has claimed that artificially intelligence-created human clones are coming at a “pivotal moment of human evolution”.

Dubbed Living Nostradamus, Brazilian Athos Salomé – who has made a career out of making bold predictions – made the comments in the wake of the news that within concealed research facilities scientists are “intertwining the evolution of replicas” with artificial intelligence.

It was also recently confirmed that the world’s first “AI child” had been “born” and has the ability to learn in the same way a living human can. And all of this together has put the brain of Athos to work, which has led him to the conclusion that the creation of all of this is not just some mere coincidence.


He said: “This is a pivotal moment in human evolution. While cloning is already a reality for species it remains a topic when applied to humans, yet introducing AI into this equation further complicates dilemmas and philosophical inquiries.

Advanced AI with the ability to mimic consciousness and emotions when integrated into a cloned entity raises questions, about identity, autonomy and the fundamental essence of humanity.

“I envision an era on the horizon where our understanding of life, intelligence and consciousness will undergo a re-evaluation, however there are also risks involved and the manipulation of life and consciousness could result in potentially hazardous outcomes.”

Athos did not, however, list what the possible hazardous outcomes could be. Something he did recently reveal though, was his interesting career choice before becoming the font of all knowledge.

He recently claimed that he knew at the age of just 12 that he was psychic, as well as opening up about what the only real job he has ever had was.