Sabrina Carpenter, the pop star who filmed a music video in front of the altar of a Roman Catholic Church, is defending her artistic choice following backlash.

After being slammed by the religious community and even Roman Catholic clergy, Carpenter absolved herself, telling Hollywood outlet Variety this week, “We got approval in advance.” The 24-year-old singer also provided a cheeky quip, saying, “And Jesus was a carpenter.”

Carpenter’s music video for “Feather” premiered online earlier this month and generated buzz on social media for its blood-soaked scenes of men killing each other over her, as well as shots of her scantily-clad and dancing around the altar of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in New York City.


Adding to what many saw as offensive and disrespectful, Carpenter’s production crew added plenty of non-religious decorations in and around the church sanctuary, including several coffins – one of which featured the words “RIP B—-” on its face.

Additionally, a glowing neon cross was placed in front of the church’s tabernacle for some shots.

In addition to outraging Catholics and other Christian viewers on social media, the video acquired the condemnation of Brooklyn Bishop Robert Brennan, who released a statement rebuking the pop music stunt.

In the statement, Bishop Brennan declared that he was “appalled” at seeing the video and slammed the parish for allowing it to happen.

The bishop said, “The parish did not follow diocesan policy regarding the filming on Church property, which includes a review of the scenes and script.”

Though the parish responded to criticism by alleging that Carpenter’s crew “failed to accurately represent the video content,” an investigation into the deal showed that the crew presented documents to the parish which “clearly portray inappropriate behavior unsuitable for a church sanctuary.”

As a result, the bishop held parish pastor Monsignor Jamie J. Gigantiello accountable for the spectacle and relieved him of his administrative duties. Brennan appointed Auxiliary Bishop Witold Mroziewski as temporary administrator of the parish, while Gigantiello would undergo a review.