Las Vegas police and the FBI thwarted a potential terror plot involving a 16-year-old, police said Friday.

During a news conference, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officials detailed an investigation into a terror threat on a social media platform. The image of the threat was shown by LVMPD officials. It read:

“Peace be upon all brothers who see this. I am here to announce that I will be starting lone-wolf operations in Las Vegas against the enemies of Allah. I ask you to make Dua for victory.


I am a supporter of the Islamic State, and I will make sure the zionists in this city know it.” The post included an ISIS flag and words in Arabic. Police immediately initiated a multi-agency investigation, officials said, and increased security in the area.

Within hours of identifying the threat, police said they were able to identify the individual responsible and his location. Police described the suspect as a 16-year-old from Las Vegas who was a recent convert to Islam.

A search warrant was served, and the teenager was taken into custody without incident. A police search found components for building an improvised explosive device along with bomb-making recipes and instructions, Deputy Chief Dori Koren said Friday.

Additionally, police found terrorism propaganda, a handmade ISIS flag, a headband, and patches. Evidence also included ISIS and Al-Qaida propaganda, radicalization materials, and guidance for conducting a terrorist attack, investigators said.

Police also found self-portraits of the suspect wearing the material and surrounded by propaganda, self-produced terrorism propaganda and anti-Semitic threats.