(OPINION) Making the news cycle in 2021, you may remember some of the hype surrounding hip-hop artist, Lil Nas’ and his conversion to Satanism.

According to DISNTR, Lil Nas not only came out as a flaming homosexual, but also as one who worships the devil as he depicted himself in disgusting sex acts with Satan in his music video.

But all of that is old news. I will not link to the video. I only mention this to bring up the next disturbing issue, that the “Christian” hip hop community has come out in full support of Lil Nas’ who is openly and proudly homosexual.


But even worse, these so-called “Christian” rappers are endorsed by The Gospel Coalition. The first is Andy Mineo, a Christian hip-hop artist who has been given glowing accolades by The [completely apostate] Gospel Coalition. Mineo apologizes to Lil Nas on behalf of Christians who oppose homosexuality.

Then there is Hulvey, who is associated with the flagship icon of Christian hip-hop, Lecrae, who also adds his apology for Christians into the mix. Hulvey tells Lil Nas that Jesus isn’t angry…that he isn’t angry that he depicts himself in homosexual acts with Satan.

Because, yeah, God is cool with that, you know. Then, it shouldn’t go without mentioning that Lecrae, himself, has buddied up with Lil Nas and while Lecrae has been out denouncing “white Christianity” nearly daily—and deconstructing from Christianity altogether—he’s been silent since his endorsement of Lil Nas.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Lecrae commented on a picture of the two at the BET Awards, saying “He told me his dad is a huge fan. Which is either a compliment or testament to how long I been doing this.”