In the vibrant world of animated movies, “Trolls Band Together” seems like harmless, colorful entertainment for children.

Yet, beneath its cheerful exterior lies a subtle integration of symbols and messages that sow seeds of confusion and challenges the values Christian parents strive to instill in their children.

The rainbow, a symbol of God’s promise, takes center stage in this film, but is instead associated with the LGBTQ community. The juxtaposition of these seemingly innocent elements raises questions about the subtle influence media can have on young minds.


Having rainbows in the world of Trolls is nothing new, but it is the representation and how they are used that shows a direct correlation to the modern-day pride flag, instead of simply being a rainbow.

Lining the streets as they do during the month of June, pride month now in the United States (the President himself declared America, “A nation of pride”), these rainbow banners now include the color pink, just as the pride flag did to include people who believe they are transgender.

Below one of them is a heart, which falls in line with the false equivalency of “love is love” often pronounced by those in support of the LGBTQ agenda.

As parents, it is crucial to recognize that what appears harmless on the surface may carry deeper, potentially nefarious intentions. The rainbow, a symbol of God’s covenant, is subtly merged with symbols associated with movements that do not align with biblical teachings.

This underscores the importance of being vigilant about the content our children consume and its potential impact on their spiritual development.

The wedding scene, officiated by a character voiced by drag performer RuPaul Charles, takes the cake as the most in-your-face moment of content inappropriate for children.

The female priest, voiced by RuPaul, a man, discusses having “thousands” of lovers during the ceremony. “Now, falling in love is easy. We’ve all done it,” Maxine says. “I’ve done it a hundred times. Thousands, even, if you count that semester I spent abroad.”

So, the punchline for this joke is that the priest performing the wedding ceremony has had thousands of lovers over the course of one semester abroad? In a children’s movie?

Lance Bass, an LGBTQ advocate, and member of the cast who openly criticizes traditional Christian views, further emphasizes the need for discernment in our entertainment choices.